Master Plan Update

New Hanover County Parks and Gardens is working with Greenplay, LLC to update our 10-Year Parks Master Plan.  In November we hosted focus groups and were able to gather information on what the public would like to see from their park system.  That information was used to develop two surveys- one is a statistically valid survey that was sent out to a representative group in the community and the second was an open link survey open to everyone.  A public meeting was held on March 16th where Greenplay, LLC reported the findings from both surveys.

A schedule of the master plan process is below for your reference:

Week of 11/16/15:  Host focus groups to gather input for survey development (Click here to see the results)
Wk of 12/8/15:  Inventory of existing park conditions (to be completed by DHM Designs)
Wk of 1/18/16:  Mail statistically valid survey
Wk of 2/1/16:  Release of MySidewalk open link survey
3/16/16:  Host visioning public meeting at the Executive Development Center (Click here to see the results)
5/19/16:  Host draft recommendation public meeting at the Executive Development Center
1/23/17:  Presented final draft at County Commissioner’s Meeting

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Master Plan Findings

Master Plan Slider

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