Battle Park – Updated 7/30/20

Battle Park is a 42.5-acre county-owned property located on Carolina Beach Road, just south of Manassas Drive, in southern New Hanover County.  Parks & Gardens is currently in the design phase of turning this land into a passive county park for the greater community to enjoy (scroll down for more information on passive parks).  The design process is expected to take approximately one year.  Citizens had the opportunity to give input through a public open house and online survey.  The public open house was held on February 4 at the Pine Valley Library, and the survey ended on February 14- Click here to view the survey results.  We will post updates throughout the process here and on our facebook page.  Please direct all comments, questions and suggestions to the Parks & Gardens department at (910) 798-7620.

Timeline & Updates

July 30, 2020:  The design team completed a draft layout of the play and discovery area, and an updated draft layout of the park.  Click each image below for a larger view.  These plans are subject to change as the design process progresses.


April 23, 2020:  The design team completed a draft concept layout for Battle Park.  This draft layout shows the locations for parking, dog park, play area, walking trail, picnic shelter, and restrooms.  Additional features will be added as the design progresses.  Click the image to view a larger PDF version.  Please contact the Parks & Gardens office with feedback at (910) 798-7620.

February 4, 2020:  A drop-in Public Open House was held at the Pine Valley Library.  Approximately 70 citizens attended to give input on the park’s design.

January 28, 2020:  The online survey is available January 28-February 14.

January 13, 2020:  A focus group of the New Hanover County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and Battle Park Committee was held to begin the design process.

August 2019:  Design team of Paramounte Engineering, Sage Design, and Sawyer Sherwood & Associate was selected to design Battle Park.

What is a passive park?

A passive park is a park that is principally designed for use in an unstructured or informal way.  It is generally a space that requires minimal development.  Passive recreation refers to recreational activities that do not require special facilities, courses, or fields.  Passive recreation is typically unorganized, unstructured, and non-competitive, and places minimal stress on a site’s resources.  Passive parks can also help to enhance a county’s water quality, preserve wildlife habitats, and protect natural areas.  Passive park amenities may include multi-purpose trails for walking, hiking and biking, nature playgrounds, interpretive learning, outdoor classrooms, and open green space.

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