Echo Farms Park

4114 Echo Farms Blvd
Wilmington, NC  28412
Driving Directions

(910) 620-2460

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thurs:  8am-8pm
Fri-Sat:  8am-6pm
Sun:  10am-4pm

Dress Code:
Shirts and tennis shoes required



  • (5) clay tennis courts
  • Courts must be reserved for play
  • Court reservation fees are $5/hour for New Hanover County residents and $8/hour for non-residents
  • Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance
  • Make reservations by phone at  (910) 620-2460, onsite in the tennis pro shop or online at

Instructional Clinics & Programs

Organized group of players, predominately doubles, that consistently rotates players with different partners to create a more social environment, and can be adapted to any level of play.  Rotations are done either randomly or based on competitive result with the highest score rotating up a court to play with players that are more at the top of their particular level.  Each type of Round Robin (social or competitive) will be designated beforehand.  Round Robins are based on skill level using the USTA rating system, and park staff will organize the games to insure that participants are playing with others at their level.  Round Robins are typically scheduled in the mornings.  Contact Rod at or (910) 620-2460 for more information or to register.  Fees are $3/person for a 1.5-hour session.

8:30-10am Women’s 3.5-4.0
10-11:30am Women’s 2.5-3.0
6-7:30pm Women’s 4.0-4.5
8:30-10am Women’s 2.5-3.0
6-7:30pm Men’s 3.5-4.0
8:30-10am Senior Men
6-7:30pm Women’s 3.0-3.5
8:30-10am Women’s 3.0-3.5
10-11:30am Women’s 3.5-4.0
6-7:30pm Men’s 4.0-4.5
8:30-10am Mixed-up Doubles Co-ed Tennis for All Levels
10-11:30am Mixed-up Doubles Co-ed Tennis for All Levels
8:30-10am Men’s 3.5
10-11:30am Men’s 4.0+

Skills clinics are taught by Echo Farms Park Tennis Pros and are organized by skill level using the USTA rating system.  Most clinics are 1.5 hours, with the exception of Stroke of the Day, which is a one-hour class.  Contact Rod at or (910) 620-2460 for more information or to register.  Fees for one-hour clinics are $10/person and 1.5-hour clinics are $15/person.

Level 2.0-2.5:  This class focuses on the fundamentals of all aspects of the game, including introduction to groundstrokes, volleys, serving, returns, overheads and getting students more comfortable with the concept of playing an actual match.

Level 3.0:  This class focuses on all of the above while introducing strategies that are specific to singles and doubles to help students work on anticipation and shot selection.  Currently offered Wednesdays – 9:30-11am

Level 3.5:  While still focusing on fundamentals, this level introduces the option of developing a particular weapon to help the game, and focuses on particular tactics like how to counter opponents’ strategies and how to exploit opponents’ weaknesses to their advantage.  Currently offered Mondays & Wednesdays – 9:30-11am

Level 4.0:  This class focuses on all of the above, and works on mental toughness and better defensive strategies against stronger players.  This class also introduces specialty shots such as lob volleys, drop-shots and top spin lobs.  Currently offered Tuesdays & Thursdays – 9:30-11am

Senior Level 3.5 is currently offered Fridays – 9-10:30am & Senior Level 4.0 is offered Fridays – 10:30am-12pm

Stroke of the Day:  This is a one-hour class that works on one aspect of a player’s game.  Any skill level may attend, but the class will only focus on one stroke for the entire session.   Currently offered Fridays – 9:30-11am

*Class schedule is subject to change

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