Ogden Skatepark Drainage Improvements- UPDATED 8/22/18

UPDATE 8/22/18
The skatepark is open with the exception of the bowl!

UPDATE 8/21/18
Grindline will have contractors working on the skatepark beginning Wednesday, August 22nd.  The skatepark will be closed during the process.  We will post updates as soon as we get them.

On Wednesday, staff from Grindline had a local contractor dig some trenches around the outside of the bowl and snake run. We anticipated that water would seep through immediately and that the trenches would solve the drainage issue. But that didn’t happen. So the skatepark will re-open Friday, Aug 17th with silt fencing to keep people out of the areas that were disturbed. What’s the next step? Sometime in the next week or so, the skatepark will close again so that we can drill holes in the bottom of the bowl and in the snake run to test if that is where the water is coming from. If it is, we’ll need to install french drains to fix the issue.

Grindline is scheduled to start work Wednesday, August 15th on drainage improvements to the Ogden Skatepark.  The skatepark will remain closed throughout the process.  We appreciate your patience while we have crews working to resolve the drainage issues.  We will have a better estimate on how long the park will be closed once the concrete is removed and the ground is open, and we can see what we are dealing with.  We will post regular updates on the progress.  Contact the Parks & Gardens office at (910) 798-7620 if you have questions.

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